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Indoor Percussion

Overview: The Indoor Percussion Ensemble is a competitive musical and visual ensemble that competes in the Keystone Indoor Drill Association.  This ensemble rehearses entirely outside of the regular school day, and is made up of Boonsboro students in grades 8-12.  In addition to students who are primarily percussionists, many other instrumentalists learn to double on a percussion instrument for this ensemble.


Eligibility: The Indoor Percussion Ensemble is open to Boonsboro High School students in Grades 9-12, as well as Boonsboro Middle School students in grade 8.  Students who do not play a percussion instrument regularly may join, and will be offered instruction on a percussion instrument based on the recommendation of the Indoor Percussion staff. Indoor Percussion students must be present at all rehearsals, which are held entirely outside of the school day. Students must maintain conduct and academic eligibility in order to rehearse and perform with the Indoor Percussion Ensemble. For questions concerning eligibility and scheduling, please contact Mr. Engel.

Performances: The Indoor Percussion ensemble performs at local and regional competitions in the Keystone Indoor Drill Association circuit.  These performances are usually on Saturdays at high schools in the Tri-State area.  The ensemble also occasionally performs at school and local events as opportunities arise.  For full performance information, please refer to the Indoor Percussion schedule.

Rehearsals: The ensemble rehearses after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00-9:00pm.  The ensemble occasionally rehearses on Saturdays as well.  As each player in the ensemble is generally playing a completely independent part, attendance at all rehearsals is critical. 

Please contact Mr. Engel or a member of the Indoor Percussion staff as soon as possible if you need to miss a rehearsal.

Other Information:

  • There is a fee associated with Indoor Percussion.  For full information, visit our Boosters page or contact Mr. Engel or a member of the Indoor Percussion staff (listed below)

  • Because indoor percussion is an athletic as well as musical activity, it is important that students prepare for the physical demands associated with marching.  Strategies can be found in our Information for Students section.

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