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Chamber Music

Overview: Chamber Music ensembles are small ensembles made up of band students.  These ensembles rehearse on their own, independently from the band, and are student-led.  Our band staff members sometimes serve as mentors or organizers for these ensembles, but the musical decisions and choices are left up to the students.  Boonsboro Chamber Ensembles have performed at Antietam Battlefield's luminary ceremony, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra's July 4th Salute to Freedom, and other community venues.


Eligibility: As these ensembles are student-led, they are open to any Boonsboro student in any grade.  The majority of these ensembles, however, are populated from within the band.  In order to perform with a Chamber Ensemble, all members must maintain conduct and academic eligibility. For questions concerning eligibility and scheduling, please contact Mr. Engel.


Performances: Chamber Music Ensembles are responsible for finding their own venues in which to perform. Occasionally, there is a small ensemble component on a regular band concert.  Mr. Engel and other band staff will assist in finding performance opportunities for small ensembles.


Rehearsals: Rehearsals are up to the members of each ensemble.  We do not keep a rehearsal schedule for Chamber Music because each ensemble rehearses independently.

Other Information:

  • The band does have a selection of chamber music for various ensembles in its music library.  However, if there is a piece that a particular ensemble wants to play, talk to Mr. Engel about securing it.

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